randonnée en haute loire

Entertainment For the whole family

Camping de Vaubarlet offers a natural, peaceful setting ideal for relaxation, but also provides entertainment for kids and sporting activities such as football and volleyball. And the River Dunière will make anglers smile with its Category 1 rating. Choose from the many activities available near the campsite, such as mountain biking and canoeing, as well as the hundreds of kilometres of marked hiking trails enticing you to explore the stunning landscapes of Auvergne and Haute-Loire.

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Activities for the whole family At our campsite in Haute-Loire

At Camping de Vaubarlet, our staff will take good care of your kids. Children can enjoy the playground, wide open spaces ideal for running around and having fun, heated paddling pool and bouncy castle. And in the high season there is a kids’ club every morning with outdoor games and crafting activities an 3 afternoons a week for big games or familt activities : petanque or molki competitions, shows prepared and organised by children...Finally for the joyce of all, you can danceevery Monday evening during concerts and enjoy  grilled chamalows around a campfire every Thursday night in the summer.Young and old alike will have wonderful memories of their holiday at our campsite in Sainte-Sigolène, Auvergne.

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Active holidays in Haute-Loire At Camping de Vaubarlet

While some people enjoy relaxing beside the heated swimming pool while on holiday at our Auvergne campsite, others may prefer to be more active. Camping de Vaubarlet in Sainte-Sigolène has much to offer those people. Fill your afternoons with football, volleyball and of course the quintessential petanque tournament at our campsite in Haute-Loire.

The River Dunière, which flows alongside the campsite, is a great place to cool off and relax on a hot summer day. It is also a Category 1 river where anglers can indulge in their favourite sport.

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Haute-Loire: a paradise for hikers And outdoor sports enthusiasts

With their diverse, lush green landscapes shaped by the volcanoes, Auvergne and Haute-Loire provide idyllic settings for hikes in nature. Hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails criss-cross the region. The most famous of which is the GR65, a route that pilgrims follow between Puy-en-Velay and Santiago de Compostela.

In addition to its hiking trails, Haute-Loire’s unspoilt natural setting is ideal for outdoor and whitewater sports. Enjoy mountain biking along the trails or canoeing down the stunning Loire gorge.

in addition, the spring of 2022 will see the commissioning of the longest Himalayan footbridge in France, which make it possible de join Grazac to St Maurice-de -Lignon by overhanging the Lignon, 63 meters below.

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